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Cancer tumors risks of myositis clients which have Cam otherwise CNM

Cancer tumors risks of myositis clients which have Cam otherwise CNM


We are pleased so you’re able to Dr Seoyoung Kim (Office away from Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy, Brigham and you may Ladies Healthcare, Harvard Scientific University) on her critical advice on brand new manuscript. This research was making use of the mathematical specialist class of Scientific Search Working together Cardiovascular system, Seoul National College or university College or university away from Medicine, Seoul, Korea and you may Seoul National College or university Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Korea.

Financial support : The research was supported by a grant from Celltrion (# 06-2015-007) and an offer of your own Korea Fitness Technology RD Endeavor through the Korea Fitness Industry Advancement Institute, financed by Ministry away from Health and Appeal, Republic regarding Korea (offer no.: HI14C1277).

I hypothesized you to definitely customers who had temporal overlap between disease and you may brand new active stage out-of myositis represent people with cancer tumors-relevant myositis, whereas people that has no temporary convergence depict people with malignant tumors utilized in general population. To test that it theory and offer a whole lot more real insight concerning your characteristics away from disease-associated myositis, we opposed the frequency and you may prognosis out of complete and type-particular disease recognized that have and in place of temporary overlap with effective myositis.

Comparison from disease threats and degree

Cancers classified as CAM occurred in closer proximity to myositis diagnosis compared with cancers classified as CNM [5.4 (9.0) vs 71.6 (46.6) months, P < 0.001].

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