What definitely uses is the question: how about the brand new intervention managed to make it successful?

What definitely uses is the question: how about the brand new intervention managed to make it successful?


The aim of this study were to see whether Enneagram education could: (a) give pride development in adulthood; and you can (b) promote ego innovation so you can postconventional grade. It absolutely was proposed the Enneagram identity experience exclusively positioned to promote adult ego invention offered the integrative construction that each other imparts sorts of-certain stuff designed for the sort of developmental trajectories of any method of, and encourages a system that contains inbuilt parts so you’re able to advancing developmental amounts. The education program try evaluated of the administering the newest WUSCT updated by Cook-Greuter and you will comparing professionals choosing additional intervals of coaching to decide whether you will find somewhat deeper phase transition for these people which have far more possibility to engage in training this new Enneagram system. Quasi-fresh structure was utilized which have regular actions exploring if individuals shown a rise in levels of pride advancement from the eighteen months realize-up.

The brand new Enneagram Circuit training class, Asheville 2005, are truly the only training program one shown a critical boost in pride advancement results ranging from pretest and you may posttest.

New Enneagram Basic Training classification when you look at the Palo Alto displayed significantly straight down pride development ratings within posttest than just all the Enneagram Intensive Education teams.

These types of conclusions is talked about in terms of what we should while the the fresh new article writers trust is special on the Enneagram program from inside the facilitating pride growth in adulthood, mention brand new possible reasons for having inconsistencies found in the information, and you can upcoming directions.

Moving forward Degree

A central question addressed by this study is whether advancing stages of ego development can be promoted through interventions in adulthood.

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