18. Lux Lisbon – Brand new Virgin Suicides

18. Lux Lisbon – Brand new Virgin Suicides

Besides the blond locks, Lux (Kirsten Dunst) along with her sisters from Sofia Coppola’s This new Virgin Suicides aren’t your own typical senior high school indicate females, however they manage collude in a single interestingly horrible deception towards an excellent band of enjoying area people and that merits them an area to your this record.

Suffocated by the their overprotective parents, all four Lisbon sisters seek to avoid the suburban lives, however, Lux is the one which, damage because of the callous procedures out of boyfriend Excursion, takes a strange sort of revenge with the guys within her community. Maybe not imply so much because troubled after that, the newest Lisbon girls’ conclusion nonetheless ‘s the reason behind serious pain in order to of a lot to him or her.

17. Courtney Alice Shayne – Jawbreaker

This new ’90s was in fact good hotbed to have teenager films, as well as the pure amount of him or her was destined to promote good Heathers homage in the course of time. You to definitely movie try Jawbreaker, where about three king bees enjoy a beneficial prank into the group’s last affiliate, in order to affect destroy her which have a great jawbreaker.

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