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#step one He approved the clear presence of the brand new ability fluorine and coined the word for it

#step one He approved the clear presence of the brand new ability fluorine and coined the word for it

Andre-pere (1775 – 1836) are a great French researcher and you will mathematician who is most famous having being one of many creators of pure kuponu your own realm of electromagnetism. Among other things, Ampere try the first ever to find magnetism will be put without magnets; composed the foundational attempt of electromagnetism; and you may invented the brand new Ampere’s push rules. The guy together with played an option part about development of the latest galvanometer; and you can developed and you can coined an expression to possess solenoid. Except that his work in physics, Ampere as well as approved the existence of the new element fluorine making a just be sure to organize the current weather on the an intermittent dining table. Know more about the task out-of Andre-pere from the learning his ten big contributions in order to technology.

For the 1810, Andre-pere suggested one to hydrofluoric acid are a material of hydrogen and you will a not known function, whose properties, he told you, was basically the same as chlorine. The guy created the term fluorine because of it ability and you will advised you to it can be separated of the electrolysis. It actually was 76 many years after one French chemist Henri Moissan ultimately isolated fluorine. He performed thus of the electrolysis just like the ended up being recommended because of the Ampere.

#2 He precisely recognized you to definitely chemical compounds elements shall be prepared in respect to their properties

When you look at the 1816, Ampere advised you to definitely chemical substances aspects is detailed centered on their features. Merely forty-eight issues was basically known at that time and you may Ampere attempted to match him or her in the 15 communities.

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