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Q) I see lots of emotes and troll face emotes, how do I use those?

Q) I see lots of emotes and troll face emotes, how do I use those?

Q) I want to play Bingo, Blackjack, or Slots, but I don’t have any credits / Wirebucks, how can I get them? A) To get credits by completing special offers or by purchase, click here: (note: If you are a Wireclub Gold VIP member, you get 20% more credits when purchasing them!)

A) Troll face emotes are a superpower that lasts for 3 minutes and changes any normal smiley to a troll face meme. For regular emotes and tantan ekЕџi flags, click here to check out the Emote Dictionary: Topic: Wireclub Help

Q) I want to change my font color or font style, what do I do? A) For font color and font style, click here:

Q) I want to use a custom picture for my chatroom, how can I change it? A) You can upload the image you’d like to use in your picture gallery then send the link to the image and also a link to your chatroom to any online moderator located here: (note: You must be the room owner to request a custom chat image.)

Q) I keep getting disconnected from the chat every few minutes. A) Older versions of Internet Explorer has this issue. Switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome will resolve this problem in most cases.

Q) When I am in chat, it freezes. – or – I can see myself type, but nobody else is typing. A) The connection sometimes will take a few seconds to establish itself. Also, try to refresh the screen and clear your private data / cache folder.

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